Create video, globally Or locally.

Our network stretches across the globe, allowing you to create Corporate Videos, Commercials, Documentaries, 360 & more virtually anywhere! All managed by our global production team here at Filma!

Take a look at a few videos produced by filma

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Learn how your videos are made

Filma has created a series of videos to help you better understand the ins and outs of video production. These answer the most commonly asked questions.

We’ll cover a range of topics such as budgeting for your video, production planning, knowing your target audience and a whole lot more so that you can learn about how we effectively create videos that best showcase your brand’s vision.

The Filma Single Page Platform

You no longer need to look through your emails or messages for project details, schedules, or video edit revisions. The Filma platform keeps all of these together in a single place.


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