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Businesses work with us to create videos, films, commercials and more. Contact us for a free quotation.

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Serving small and medium sized business, and large corporations, we create videos for all sizes! Our videos highlight your brand’s vision, key message, and help you reach your target audience.
Filma, Phoenix’s most creative video production company, provides full production services for all types of videos in Arizona. We’ve worked with medium and small businesses as well as globally recognized brands such as Apple, Google, GoPro, Kayak, Hennesy, National Geographic and more. Our experience, expertise and creativity will highlight your brand’s vision through video. Filma’s videographers and filmmakers have decades of experience filming corporate videos, industrials, and commercials. Our company has everything needed to make sure you have the tools to leap past your competition.

What type of video are you looking to create?

These are the types of effective videos we produce in Phoenix:
  • Branding videos
    These are marketing content videos that are sponsored or created by a brand that share the brand’s values and does not directly advertise or promote the brand
  • Recruitment Videos
    These communicate who you are, and what your company stands for so that potential employees can discover the look and feel of your company in a short space of time.
  • Event videos
    Event Videos can range from corporate sponsored events to large trade shows and annual events or even music festivals.
  • Customer testimonial videos
    These feature your customers talking about their experience with your company, the product or service
  • Case Studies
    These are about real customer success stories and case studies present the problem and then how your company provided solutions.
  • TV Commercials
    TVC ‘s advertise your company, service, or product and are produced for television.
  • Brand Awareness Videos
    The commercial videos that can be made for Television (TVC’s), YouTube and various social media platforms about your business’s vision, mission, or products and services.
  • Viral Marketing Ad Campaigns
    Viral marketing iare promotional videos that rely on an audience to generate the message of a product or service and is considered “viral” when it’s being shared by the large amount of the public.
  • Product Review Videos
    A product video effectively highlights the benefits of a product or service.
  • Tabletop Videos
    – Tabletop videos that we use for commercials, especially with food products on a tabletop, make use of simple sets to create beautifully precise visuals that can be captured in slow motion.

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Filma’s mission is to create outstanding videos for brands and businesses in the Valley of the Sun. Our filmmakers provide everything needed such as equipment, locations, shooting to editing and effects. We give full video production support, from pre-production planning through content distribution for all types of videos in the Silicon Desert.

Our production crews cover the entire area of Arizona from Phoenix to Mesa and Chandler.

Filma’s filmmakers / videographers deliver memorable video content in the Salt River Valley using 360 video production, animation, drone & aerial videos, motion graphics, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and all types of shooting and post-production that we use to draw attention to your company’s video.

Still have questions?

We are always available to talk and we understand that each video project is unique. If you have more questions about your video, please feel free to contact us by filling the form below. One of our video producers will be in touch with you very soon. 

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