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Video Production Background San Francisco

Filma, a global video production company, produces premium videos with San Francisco serving as one of our most exciting shooting locations worldwide. It comes as no surprise that hundreds of movies have been filmed in and around the idiosyncratically stunning San Francisco. From dramatic murder-mysteries to sidesplitting comedies, San Francisco’s movie history highlights the diversity and creativity in the Bay Area. In this article, we’ll dive into San Francisco’s wealth of locations and filming resources as well as how Filma facilitates all your production needs there. Our production teams will vitalize your brand’s vision through the most powerful marketing medium – video, ensuring your company remains distinctive for years to come.

San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Video Production Background
Filma’s network of San Francisco filmmakers are exceptional

San Francisco has featured prominently in popular culture, both in works of fiction and non-fiction. The Bay area has also served as the backdrop for numerous films since Hollywood’s inception, from classic films such as The Maltese Falcon, Escape from Alcatraz and Vertigo to more modern successes such as Milk, Zodiac, and The Social Network. The production industry can be divided into film and video. As far as markets are concerned, they’re very different. Video production companies focus on small and medium businesses to large brands who need video content for various purposes such as corporate training and advertising. These days, the use of video production is everywhere. Of all the internet users in the States, 85% watched online video content every month. With the digital consumption being as high as it is, it’s no surprise that 117 Billion USD was spent on digital ads last year. Companies are also investing more in video content as total expenses have risen by 12% yearly.

Further studies show video production is the best way to market your brand with 54% of consumers preferring to see more video content from brands they support. Keep reading to learn more about the types of video productions that Filma produces in San Francisco as well as the plethora of stunning locations this magnificent city has to offer.

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Common Types of Video Production in San Francisco

Video production is sought after for many reasons, which is why it’s utilized in many areas including corporate videos, social media and websites. Statistics show that 95% of viewers better retain a message or an idea when they’ve watched a video, compared to only 10% when reading text. Meanwhile, the number of people watching videos increases by 100% every year. And new advances in video formats, specifically live broadcasting, 360° panoramas, and virtual reality videos are contributing to video content that’s far more engaging.
Filma is a one time/one stop solution worldwide video production company that offers remote video production. A revolutionary way to watch your videos being created LIVE, immerse yourself in the experience and at the same give feedback, without being physically present on the set. Types of videos we produce:
  • Corporate video productions
  • Event video productions
  • Films (feature length and shorts)
  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • TV commercials
  • Social media video productions
  • Youtube Video productions
  • Product review videos
  • Viral marketing advertisements
  • Employee / Client Interviews
  • Tutorial Videos
Filma productions are carefully planned from pre-production to post-production. With us, you can easily create any type of video production around the world at any time. Filma’s producers and fixers provide the latest camera equipment, an abundance of locations and remarkable teams of filmmakers.

San Francisco Video Production Locations

San Francisco’s Skyline
San Francisco’s previously low lying skyline has risen significantly, transforming into a cityscape of high-rise buildings.” Over the last 20 years, construction cranes have lingered above San Francisco, constructing sleek glassy towers where parking lots and run down buildings once stood. Since 2000, more than 15 skyscrapers over 30 stories have been built. San Francisco now has 160 buildings taller than 240 feet and more are planned or currently under construction. The Salesforce Tower is a soaring column of glass at 415 Mission that became the city’s tallest building at 1,070 feet when it opened in 2018. It overtook the 853-foot-tall Transamerica Pyramid that had long been the city’s tallest since its completion in 1972.
San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Skyline
The city’s skyline and attractions offer cinematic locations
Golden Gate Bridge
The epic 1.7-mile-long Golden Gate Bridge, an iconic structure of the San Francisco Bay region, connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County, California. The suspension bridge, when finished in 1937 was considered an engineering marvel when at the time it became the longest main suspension bridge span in the world. Today, the West Coast landmark attracts millions of travellers each year and has featured in many films set in The Bay area.
San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Locations Golden Gate Bridge
The bridge's color is officially international orange
Transamerica Pyramid
When it was first built in 1972, the Transamerica Pyramid was hated, and people actually picketed the site to try stopping it from being built, because it was so different from anything they’d seen. Now, the Transamerica Pyramid is accepted as iconic and branded to the city. The purpose behind the shape is to let sunlight reach the streets more quickly than a square building that blocks light, for example.
San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Locations Transamerica Pyramid
The pyramid allow light to beam past the buildings
The Painted Ladies
Thousands of houses, in Victorian and Edwardian styles, were built in San Francisco between 1849 and 1915 with many painted in bright colors. The most famous of these “Painted Ladies” has to be the row of Victorian houses at 710–720 Steiner Street, opposite Alamo Square park. Often referred to as the Seven Sisters or the “Postcard Row”, this block appears often in media and has appeared in an estimated 70 movies, TV programs, and ads.
San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Locations The Painted Ladies Houses
As seen in the television series Full House

Filming Equipment and Post-Production Availability

San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Crew and Equipment
Here you’ll find world-class crews and creative talents
Filma provides access to the latest in camera and equipment innovation. The latest 4k/HD cameras include Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, Red and Sony cameras, which we can secure from film production houses in San Francisco. At Filma, we also have in-house cutting rooms with Davinci grading capabilities. Our equipment and post production facilities ensure your video comes out picture perfect.

Filming Crew, Skills and Availability

The filmmakers living here are creative masters in storytelling through films, documentaries, television shows, and various types of video production. Here, Filma works with directors, DOP’s, cinematographers, sound technicians, lighting, grip, wardrobe, make up artists and talents of varying backgrounds.
Filma’s easy to use single page platform utilises a careful vetting process for potential filmmakers who sign up with us. The filmmakers selected then go on to become our video production partners working in teams all over the globe. Our roster of experts are adept in 360 video production, animation video production, drone & aerial videos motion, augmented reality video production, graphic videos and all types of global video production.
San Francisco Video Production Company Filma Frequently Asked Questions
Our producers will provide guidance and answer all questions

Frequently Asked questions:

Do I need to apply for a visa or work permit?
– Everyone who visits the US needs an ESTA visa, but if you’re shooting with a lot of equipment, you will need an I Work visa, which is tailored for radio, film and other media types.
Are shooting permits required?
– Permits are not required if you’re filming with hand-held equipment. You will need to pay $300 when using specialized equipment and we organize everything with local authorities.

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