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Video Production Background New York

New York, “The Big Apple” is an absolute giant when it comes to film and video production. Filma is a cloud based multi-location video production company with a vast network of filmmakers and connections to production houses in New York. The world’s first commercial motion-picture exhibition was held here, using Thomas Edison’s kinetoscope. Without a doubt, American film and video production has gone on to impact the world enduringly. In this article, we’ll delve into why New York is a major video production hub and how Filma can support you with all your production needs in New York, creating the best tool to market your company while emboldening your brand for years to come.
New York USA Video Production Company Filma Team Shoot
Filma’s network of filmmakers in New York are the cream of the crop
From Martin Scorsese’s cinematic classics like Mean Streets, Goodfellas and Taxi Driver to Coppola’s iconic Godfather trilogy, New York has been the birthplace of cinema’s most influential movies and seminal directors. Ultra popular series like Friends and Seinfeld that defined the 90’s were epitomized by New York. Undoubtedly, New York has left an indelible mark. New York has a metropolitan area population of roughly 19 million making it one of the world’s most populated megacities. The dynamic metropolis has not only impacted cinema worldwide, but it has also influenced culture, economics, politics, entertainment, research, technology, tourism, art, sports and fashion on a global scale. The United Nations headquarters is located in New York making it a center for international diplomacy. Nowadays, the use of video production is everywhere. Video production is used in many areas like corporate videos, social media and websites. Of all the internet users in the US, 85% watched online video content monthly.

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With the digital consumption being so high, it’s no wonder that 117 Billion was spent on total digital advertisements in 2019. Companies are also investing more in video content as total expenses rise by 12% year to year. Statistics show video production is the best way to market your brand. In recent studies, over 54% of consumers prefer to see more video content from brands they support. Read further as we list the extensive range of video productions that Filma produces in New York as well as the stunning locations this exceptional city has to offer.

Common Types of Video Production in New York

Statistics show us that viewers retain 95% of an idea or message when they see it in a video, as opposed to 10% when reading it in text. Other research has found that mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. Now with new innovative video formats like live broadcasting, 360° panoramas, or virtual reality videos contributing to more absorbing video content, as well as 5g technology and faster internet speeds, never has there been a better time to capitalize on video marketing.
Filma is the one time/one stop solution global video production company that films using urgent video productions and remote video productions. We have experience shooting a broad array of video productions in New York, such as:
  • Corporate video productions
  • Event video productions
  • Films (feature length and shorts)
  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • TV commercials
  • Social media video productions
  • Youtube Video productions
  • Product review videos
  • Viral marketing advertisements
  • Video interviews
  • Tutorial Videos
We enable production at every step of the way with pre-production to post. With Filma you’ll be able to create any type of video production around the world, anytime. The foundation of your video marketing strategies will rely heavily on viral marketing, commercial and corporate video productions. Filma’s team of producers and fixers secure state of the art equipment, breathtaking locations and a complete selection of expert filmmakers to choose from for all international video productions.

New York Video Production Locations

New York Skyline
New York City’s skyline is the benchmark for city defining architecture and infrastructure. Manhattan’s buildings exemplify a silhouette that is at once recognizable and downright enthralling. In fact, “The City that Never Sleeps” boasts over 200 buildings that measure 500 feet or taller. You can soak up the skyline’s splendor from the observation decks atop the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock and One World Trade Center. The One World Trade Center is now the tallest building in New York City as well as the western hemisphere standing at 1,776 feet. Undeniably, there is a great deal of emotion and history attached to the site, while the building signals to the original World Trade Center. The Empire State building was the tallest in NYC from its completion in 1931 until 1972.
New York USA Video Production Company Filma Empire State Building
The Empire State Building has defined NYC’s Skyline for decades
Central Park
Central Park, on top of being the most visited urban park in the United States as well as one of the most visited tourist attractions around the globe, is also quite remarkably the most filmed location in the world beating out Venice Beach and other top spots in Hollywood. Central park is a wonderful place to experience nature and serves as a breath of fresh air for those seeking respite from the constant bustle of the city. This world renown park is perfect for filming during any season.
New York USA Video Production Company Filma Central Park
Central Park Zoo is located within the park
Brooklyn Bridge
The historic Brooklyn Bridge transverses the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn and is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Completed in 1883, with its suspension cables and Gothic arches, was the world’s first suspension bridge. There is a wooden plank walkway open to cyclists and pedestrians that spans above the traffic lanes. You’ll be able to capture stunning views of Manhattan, the East River and even beyond to the Statue of Liberty.
New York USA Video Production Company Filma Brooklyn Bridge
Officially named Brooklyn Bridge in 1915

Times Square
Times Square, situated at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Midtown Manhattan is a world renown commercial intersection and entertainment center that has become especially popular for tourists. Times Square is one of those swarming locations that has become synonymous with New York. The district and intersection is brightly lit up with billboards and screens in the evening, but is an exhilarating place during the day too.

New York USA Video Production Company Filma Times Square
Named in 1904 after the New York Times tower

Filming Equipment and Post-Production Availability

New York USA Video Production Company Filma Crew and Equipment
NYC is home to the world’s best filmmakers, crew and equipment
Film crews are openly welcomed in New York and Filma has access to the latest innovative camera equipment. These state-of-the-art cameras come equipped with the latest video production capabilities. Such equipment includes Arri, Canon, Red and Sony cameras, which are available at numerous NYC film production houses. Filma also boasts in-house cutting rooms with world-class Davinci grading capabilities.

Filming Crew, Skills and Availability

New York, where video production was first revolutionized, is still one of the world’s top film and video production locations. The filmmakers that reside here are adept in storytelling through films, documentaries, television shows, corporate videos and all types of video production.
There are a multitude of options concerning filmmakers with the likes of expert directors, DOP’s, cinematographers, sound technicians, lighting, grip, wardrobe and everything else. Filma has set up a streamlined single page platform that involves a careful vetting process for potential filmmakers signing up with us. The most expert filmmakers get selected and then go on to become our video production partners. These video production specialists have substantial experience in 360 video production, animation video production, augmented reality video production, drone & aerial videos motion, graphic videos and all types of global video production.

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