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Filma is hiring a Corporate Video Producer/Director in Manila, Philippines. This is for a corporate jobs with a crews of only 2-3 persons due to covid restrictions. This person must have experience shooting short corporate film which usually includes interviews spliced together with B-Roll and company branding. The corporate producer/director would be involved in both hiring crew, organizing the basic logistics as well as making sure that all the shots required for the video are taken.


- Hiring the 2-3 person crew we need for the job.

- Staying within the budget as agreed upon

- Keeping things organized logistically and creatively.

- Uploading all footage to our platform in a timely manner.

- Providing all equipment as agreed upon

- Being on time and problem solving if problems arise.


- More than 3 years of experience shooting corporate videos.

- Being both a problem solving person.

- Able to speak both English Fluently

- Have a decent internet connection to upload files in a timely manner.

-Have ability to setup a remote shooting setup involving an ATEM

- Have experience dealing with COVID protocols as required by government policies and hiring companies

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