Job Description

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for a full-time corporate video editor for a 3 month contract in Bangkok. This is for editing a variety of corporate video projects from October to December 2021.

The editor should speak English and have a fair amount of editing as well as experience working remotely and with a team. You will be required to be in Bangkok.




The editor will be responsible for editing the project. This includes:

- arranging footage
- coming up with creative ways to present each shot
- adding subtitles if needed
- rendering and exporting files as necessary
- Downloading and sending files for client to review as needed.
- Keeping the files organized and always providing Project files at the end of every editing day to your producers.


- Fluency in English is a must.

- Have a stable and fast internet connection.

-A showreel / links to your previous work must be provided

- Able to communicate well with your team leaders and clients

- Able to meet deadlines for post schedules.

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