Job Description

Filma is hiring a food Director/DOP for the first week of September, Bali Indonesia

This person must be located in Bali Indonesia, please DO NOT apply if you have to travel to Bali. This person needs to have a good understanding of shooting food/chef type videos.

We will need 3 camera angles, including a shot of the chef as he explains how to cook a recipe, so you will need to be recording and monitoring audio from the chef also. Filma also needs to monitor a live feed of the shoot as it is on going via a remote shooting setup with Google Meet, ZOOM, or another solution.

Budget is to be determined


- Capture all footage of the chef cooking with multiple camera angles, audio from the chef talking, and any B-Roll as requested.

- Attend all Pre-Shoot and Briefing Meetings as requested.

- Able to source a production assistant and camera operators

Equipment and crew needed:
3x camera operators
3x camera with lenses tripod and accesories (Either GH5 or Sony A7S Mak II or III)
Enough memory cards. Client wants to record very long takes so camera needs to be able to roll for 1 hour or so undisturbed.
1x production assistant
1x ATEM or other capture card with laptop setup

- Will need to schedule a test day with the ATEM

- Send all files over via Google Drive immediately after the shoot.


- Be in possession of a 4K DSLR either the Sony A7S Mak II or III, or a GH5 with lenses and tripod and a basic lighting kit.

- Able to operate and direct a remote shooting setup with an ATEM.

- Able to send all files over via Google drive

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