Job Description

Filma is hiring a Director/DOP for dates TBD in Malang Indonesia to shoot a corporate interview, and video and photos of poses of E-Sports players.

This person must be located in Malang or nearby in Surabaya, Indonesia, please DO NOT apply if you have to travel to Malang more than 2 hours.

We will need 1 camera angle, including action shots in front of a LED light setup and also interviews.

You will also need to setup a LED design with light stands as show in reference image of this posting.

Filma also needs to monitor a live feed of the shoot as it is on going via a remote shooting setup with Google Meet, ZOOM, or another solution.

Budget is to be determined.


- Capture all footage as requested.

- Attend all Pre-Shoot and Briefing Meetings as requested.

- Able to source a production assistant and other crew needed to set up the LED design.

- Able to set up the LED design as provided.

Equipment and crew needed:
1 x director / dop
1 x DSLR Camera and strobes/lights for similar poses in the reference photos
1 x camera with lenses tripod and accessories
1 x production assistant
1 x ATEM or other capture card with laptop setup

- LEDS as show in the reference image.

- Will need to schedule a test day with the ATEM BEFORE the shoot.

- Send all files over via Google Drive immediately after the shoot.


- Ability to oversee the entire shoot locally, troubleshoot and problem solve.
- A show reel with similar style or quality of work.

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