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Filma is looking for a stellar DOP to help us tell a dramatic and inspiring story for a known health insurance brand in Indonesia. The ideal candidate is someone with an excellent eye and good knowledge of visual storytelling. Being an excellent speaker in English is a major plus as the director and producer working on this project are mainly English speakers. If you are not in Jakarta, please do not hesitate to submit as Filma can assist with travel or we can allow for remote production.

Please apply here, and if you are new to Filma please do fill in as much information as possible, and please do add videos of your past work. It really helps you to stand out. Looking forward to working with you soon!


- Ensuring the look of the Film matches with the look that has been brief and agreed on by clients and the director.
- Creating an equipment list for gear and lighting.
- Possibly creating a lighting schematic.
- Communicating with Grip and Gaffer on setups.
- Location Recce.
- Communicating ideas and processes with the team.
- Give guidance on Color Grading.
- Ensure image quality matches and exceeds what is demanded by clients and the director.


- Examples of past works are required.
- Expertise with Cinema Cameras and equipment.
- Experience working with clients and well-established brands.
- Good working ethics.
- Excellent problem-solving skills and on-the-spot thinking.
- Willingness to try something new and see the job through.

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