Producer - Mobile Game commercial for online media - Manila


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Job Description

Hi Everyone,

We’re looking for a producer in the Philippines to help us create a line budget/ find director and crew/ plan and execute the shoot/ oversee Post-Production. basically, run the show.


This project is for a Mobile Game that will be launching in Indonesia soon. In the initial stage of this project, we will be working together to create a blanket line budget for client approval. Then we will move on to developing the story.


The shoot is currently planned for between the end of July to early August. The final delivery is for Early September.


- Create an initial line budget.
- Stick to line budget that was created.
- Source core team and crew.
- Get the necessary permit and permission.
- Create and stick to the production schedule.
- Communicate and update Filma producer constantly on job progress and alert of problems that may occur.
- Troubleshoot problems in advance or on the spot.
- Oversee post-production.
- Ensure final delivery is on time and of the highest quality possible.


- Good communication skills.
- Excellent time and resource management.
- High attention to detail.
- Extremely reliable and responsible.

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